Ethics and Welfare2018-06-26T15:10:46+00:00

The health & welfare of the livestock supplied to Cabernet Foods Ltd/Kintyre Meats by our key group of farm suppliers is at the forefront of our business.

Our suppliers continually seek out and adopt best practices associated with the animal husbandry and welfare of their livestock and take pride in producing high quality products for our customers.

Our piggeries are in regular contact with leading porcine veterinary nutritionists and all conform to the “National Pig Care Accreditation Programme” set up under the New Zealand Animal Welfare Act.

All of our commercial pig farms are independently audited annually by QCONZ ( and have random spot audits by recognized mono-gastric porcine vets.  These piggeries also carry out environmental consent audits annually.

The Cabernet pig supply group is in the Top 10% of the New Zealand pig industry.

Cabernet Foods Ltd/Kintyre Meats is in the process of adopting and becoming part of a nationally recognised “On Farm Assurance Audit Program” for sheep, cattle & goats supplied to us.

Cabernet Foods Ltd/Kintyre Meats is regularly audited by the Ministry of Primary Industries (MAF) and all livestock are inspected before and during slaughter by an independent on-site Assure Quality MAF Inspector.  This, combined with the on farm audits, ensures that all stages of the supply chain from paddock to chiller meet the highest health and welfare practices.