Protecting our waterways

Keeping our waterways clean and healthy

Taking care of our waterways is vital for ensuring future generations can enjoy fresh healthy water. As custodians of the land we play an important role in protecting our waterways, seeing the land thrive with birdlife, native aquatic species and preserving fresh water.

–  Lyndon & Brian Everton

How we protect our waterways

  • All waterways on our farms are fenced for protection from livestock
  • We have fencing around natural wetland areas
  • We introduced a native and wetland species replanting programme
  • We planted native trees in areas prone to erosion
  • Regular testing and monitoring of soils and waterways by independent environmental laboratories in New Zealand
  • No irrigation is used on our farms
  • We use waterless processing techniques for lamb and mutton

water usage and climate change

Conserving water

We keep our farm lands nourished without the use of irrigation. Instead our pastures are grown from deep rooted species such as Lucerne and Chicory, which extract moisture from deeper soil layers, providing greater sustenance for livestock during dry periods. Our sheep meat processing methods remove the need for water.

Forward thinking

We also support water conservation projects that are focused on ensuring future generations have access to clean water. For example we contribute towards the Wairarapa Water Scheme, a development designed to secure the area’s water infrastructure and reduce the impact of climate change.