Meet our farmers

Great meat that is nutritional and delicious begins on the farm and we are proud to work with farmers who share our values as custodians of the land. Read on to learn about three of our supplying farms in the heart of New Zealand, and how their everyday practices contribute to our Guilt-Free Meat philosophy.

Located in the rolling steep hill country near Masterton, Black Rock Farm enjoys fresh water springs and nutrient rich lands. The farm is owned by Andrew and Karen Bunny and is a key supplier of sheep and cattle to Cabernet Farms. 

Ratanui Farm is located among the rolling hills near Halcombe in the Manawatu region. This farm is owned by Andrew and Geraldine Managh who specialise in pig breeding, as well as using their farm to finish lamb and cattle.

Nestled in the Ahiaruhe Valley and surrounded by idyllic farmland, Ahiaruhe Farm is home to Michael and Karen Williams. Farmers with a passion for preserving and enhancing the land.

Guilt-Free Meat

You can be confident that our animals have been treated kindly and raised on land that is nutritionally rich and clean. Our meat comes from healthy animals who are well cared for and living on farms that embrace environmental sustainability. 

It’s why we call our product Guilt-Free Meat.